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just in case someone is interested

Film: Matters of Life and Death (2007)
Director/Writers: Joseph Mazzello
Cast: Rachael Leigh Cook, Joseph Mazzello, Nick Heyman
Plot Outline: Three siblings struggle to maintain control of their lives after the unexpected death of their parents thrusts them into an uncertain world of adulthood.
Genre(s): Short, Drama
Download Link: [dvdrip]
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mix: i am my own evil twin (casanova)

Medium. Comic
Fandom. Casanova
Subject. Casanova Quinn / Luxuria and Gula arcs
Title. I Am My Own Evil Twin
Notes:This whole thing is the product of my pre-Marvel color release fever and some random mucking about in Photoshop after a long hiatus. I managed to come up with something halfway decent, happened to be listening to some fitting songs at the time, et voilà.

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who_rumble is a Rumble style icon challenge dedicated to all of new Who, from the beginning with Nine and Rose to the latest season featuring Eleven and Amy. Our first two rounds were great successes, and now who_rumble is back with Round 3. Sign ups are open right now, and the first challenge will be posted next week, so if you're interested, head on over to who_rumble, join up, and add your name to the list!
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insert hipster lyrics

I never thought the day would come where I'd have another icon post, but here it is! I decided to just post whatever I have and let it be done. I can't seem to stop fussing about certain elements, but hey, making them again is better than none at all. But until I have proper inconspiration, check out my spams on tumblr!

1 - Mad Men, 1 - True Blood, 1 - The Pacific, 2 - Merlin, 3 -Harry Potter
3 - Sherlock, 3 - Robert Downey Jr., 3- Band of Brothers, 4 - Katie McGrath, 11 - Doctor Who

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music: The Clash At Demonhead At Demondhead

title: The Clash At Demonhead At Demondhead [sampler]
fandom: Scott Pilgrim
information: A collection of the available material by the meta-fictional band "The Clash At Demonhead."
warnings: Music (c) to Metric & source material (c) Bryan Lee O'Malley
notes: There is an alternate cover from "Underwater Motor Scooter" available if anyone would like me to spiffy that one up.

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